About Us

The brand Aqua Care was created in 2015 by the team of progressive investors, engineers and other professionals having 10+ years of experience in the sector of eco-friendly technologies and namely disinfectants and personal hygiene solutions. Over the past years we have been developing and marketing the most innovative of game-changing products. Our teams independently launched successful eco-sanitizers on the markets of the Middle East, Asia, Africa, North and Central Americas. We joined hand to launch the family of products under the umbrella of Aqua Care, presenting the safest and the most effective solutions. We provide products and services of highest quality standards at competitive prices. Our company is committed to highest standards of quality control at all stages and aims to correspond to the rules of World Health Organization, General Organization for Standardization Methodology and Quality Control.

Our Vision

We are proud to be satellites of safe disinfection technologies in the region of the Middle East and far beyond it. We aim to make Aqua Care the number one brand associated with eco-friendliness and safety, which will substitute conventional solutioned occupying the market nowadays. With Aqua Care our vision corresponds to the global trends of healthy lifestyle and sustainability.

Our Mission

To keep the standards of manufacturing and client relations at the highest level. We will spread the activity and applications of Aqua Care to the sectors of facilities management, food catering & production, transport, waste management, water treatment etc. to make human lives all over the world healthier and safer. Key objective of our company is 100% customer happiness and satisfaction of our products and services, delivering eco-friendly and safest sanitation and deodorizing to every doorstep.